PROJECTS (no more order)

collaboration with egyptian tailors on global space suit

from shamanic performance (transcending the object)

from abstract noise exhibition

(mount lee) hollywood snapshot

from tape release with noise performance

still from abstract video (pop astronomy & ground zero)

from la despreciada with lehman bros.

In 1996, a chess game was played between IBM’s machine Deep Blue and Garry Kasparov. This game, known as Game 1, was the first time a reigning world champion had lost to a machine using regular time controls.
The piece Game 1 consists of elements of trash from demolished building in Cairo, being moved in relation to each other as the progressive movement of the chess pieces in Game 1

random gallery exhibition – ordered painting of me and my friends

from tape release / noise exhibition

from shamanic performance (spirits in machines)

fork forged into knife, knife forged into fork

sound performance with wulkan

abstract painting (drugs)

installation view (slave hypnosis video)

excerpt (documentations of hallucinations)

from abstract noise exhibition

“lehman brothers surfing the bucharest billboards” with lehman bros.